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Story about us

Behind the brand

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The future belongs to those who dare to believe in themselves, and we have believed in our brand since 1998.

There’s a lot of things that we all have in common. No matter who you are, what you’ve accomplished or even where you’re from. We all have a story to tell. Our brand is no exception, history is sometimes so important that it’s made up. But Svea’s story is true.

It all started in 1998 when a youngster won a skateboard championship. With the title in one hand and an idea of brand in the other he stepped into the leading streetwear store in Stockholm at the time. He convinced the owners about the concept and Svea® was born. Their idea was to import skateboards and already finished accessories and sell in the store under the new born brand. At the end of the century the company broadened the product range and this is where the Svea of today was born.

In the early 2000’s Kiki Wallmansson was working as Head of Design at the well-thought-of clothing company JC in Borås, east of Gothenburg.

At this time Kiki had been thinking about making her own brand and products for a while. Initially, it was only intended as a temporary collaboration where Svea’s owners needed to bring in expertise in clothing, design and branding on a consulting basis. And who Kiki saw a gap in the market for a type of brand and product that did not yet exist was interested for sure. When the previous company went bankrupt and an opportunity to buy the whole company Kiki didn’t hesitate.

"If you want to succeed with something, you need courage. But not courage alone, you also need to feel right. "

Svea felt right, deep down, right from the start. - Kiki

Products in the picture

In 2000 the company got new owners, Kiki Wallmansson and her family, and the Svea we know today was presented at her first glance.

Svea is deeply rooted in the streetwear culture, were the brand was born. Through the years the focus has changed from unisex products to emphasis on younger women and lately also kids apparel. The inspiration comes from American and English college, intertwined with traditional sports and of course; rooted in our Swedish soul.

The story of Svea is clearly marked by the love of products and creativity. The future belongs to those who dare to believe in themselves, and we have believed in our brand since 1998.