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Chat with us on Facebook or send us an email, we usually answer within 2 hours on workdays!

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  • An order confirmation e-mail is sent automatically when you place an order. If you cannot find yours, please verify that you have entered your email correctly. Also take a look in your spam inbox.

  • Unfortunately we cannot manage any changes to your order, but if the warehouse has not handled your order, we are able to cancel it.

  • If you did not receive all your order items, please reach out to us via email hello@sveasvea.com as soon as possible and we will fix it for you! We usually answer within 2 hours on weekdays.

Delivery & Returns

  • When your order is sent you will get a delivery notice e-mail. After that it takes about 1-3 workdays, depending on what carrier and were in the world you’re located.

  • We deliver to Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands and Czech Republic.

  • If you have chosen invoice through Klarna when placing your order, you can login to Klarna and chose ”Mark as return” on the specific invoice, this will pause your invoice until we have handled your return.
    When we received and handled your return we will make a refund/change and notify you about it!

  • As soon as we have received and handled your return we will make a refund to you. It usually takes 1-2 bank days before you get your money back from Klarna.

Product information

  • Thats a tricky question, it all depends how you want your garment to fit. Most of our products are true to size, if they’re not, its stated in that products description. Most of our products have a size guide. This is not an exact science, it’s more a guideline for a better fit.

  • Yes! On most of our products you will find a size guide. If a certain product don’t have one you contact us for more information hello@sveasvea.com

  • Action leather is semi-artificial leather that is based on suede that is treated with a type of plastic / silicone treatment.
    The breathability is about the same as regular leather.

  • Yes! We are fur free, we only work with fur imitations.

  • Our factories only work with RDS certified down.


  • First of all, fun that you want to collab with us! The first step is to send a email to collab@sveasvea.com and attach a little letter about you, some statistics, and what kind of collaboration you would be interested in.

  • It could be that your discount is not valid with the selection of products in your cart, or that the discount is not valid anymore. If you are unsure email us att hello@sveasvea.com and we will figure something out!