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Clothes should be worn

The Philosophy of Svea

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As a small family company our philosophy runs through our business as the blood in our veins.

A trustable brand cannot be created only with nice packaging and good marketing. A quality brand is built bit by bit, from inside the organization out to the customers.

For us, Svea, is synonymous with the brand itself and its personality. It’s a mix of quality products, organization, customers and values. The brand is a promise, to our customers, who we call our family.

Products in the picture

A Svea garment is made to be inherited.

Together we are facing huge challenges with climate changes and as a part of a business that inflicts much damage to the environment we need to participate in making less fast fashion. Therefore we aim to produce clothes that will be worn for a long time.

With wearer, environment and a sustainable future in mind we create long lasting garments that will never be out of style and therefore spare some of Earth’s precious resources from being produced to yet a new product.

We are certainly not perfect, but we try to leave things a little bit better than when we found them. We believe that, in our way, we can make our contribution to the planet.