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A Sustainable Future

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Sustainability is in some senses a mere fashionable word that many people are using without knowing why and what it’s all about.

Of course, we wish to participate in a longer lasting environment, who doesn’t? And we also think that sometimes, you don’t need to know the why and what if you are making the better choice. As a producing company our goal is to make some of these decisions for you.

We produce products partially in Asia as well as Europe, in factories where we make continuous inspections to make sure that our producing partners are following directions for animal welfare, legal labor law conditions and our code of conduct.

We choose our partners in production with much consideration.

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Our sustainability goals includes many different parts where a even more sustainable production of course leads the way.

In matter of materials and fabrics we are already a head of many colleagues but behind others, for an example we are working with BSCII certified cotton, RDS certified down and of course we are a proud member of The Swedish Chemicals Group where we have access to external monitoring and networks, practical tools, updates on relevant legislation as well as news in the area of chemicals in articles and substitution. This way we prevent occurrence of unwanted chemicals in our products.

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Together with one of our biggest partner in freight and logistics we are involved with a local environmental project

The project aims to increase biodiversity through rewetting and increase the uptake of carbon dioxide in growing crops (carbon storage).

Much of the climate compensation available on the market is diffuse and difficult to understand, it is also often implemented on other continents, which makes transparency more difficult. As the cultivations and rewetting projects we contribute to are carried out in Sweden, we can more easily and in a systematic and scientific way quantify carbon dioxide uptake, carbon storage and biomass growth.